1. Download

2. Extract

3. Download Adobe Aplication Manager

4. Install it and after open it

5. Download and install Photoshop or any other product

6. Open Adobe CC Crack and open it , select the product that you installed and press PATCH !!!

7. Now you have Photoshop hacked !


1. Download Unity License

2. Copy it to %programfiles%/Unity

3. Now you have Unity craked!

Maya 2016

1. Go to Control panel ad disable UAC !!!

2. Download Maya 2016 and install it

3. Open Maya 2016 Crack from the zip downloaded already

4. Open Maya 2016 from desktop and enter to serial numer 066-666666666 and to product key 657H1!

5. Click Patch!(If appears a box that says an error,download this crack and try it!)

6. Copy and paste license in the crack

7. Press Generate and copy all the code generated

8. Select in Maya the second bullet and after select the first box and paste the code

9. Now you have Maya cracked!

10. If anything didn't work , reboot the computer and retry from point 3.